by Eskimo

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released October 10, 2014

John Shiurba – guitar and vocals
David L. Cooper – mallets and vocals
Tom Yoder – trombone
Steve Lew / Matt Small – bass
Andrew Borger – drums

Recorded by
Myles Boisen, Eric Bonerz & ESKIMO
Begun 1995, Completed 2014

Mixed by Shiurba & Cooper
Mastered by Myles Boisen
Graphic design by David L. Cooper

All songs by ESKIMO

Eric Bonerz – special effects (2, 8, 9)
Val Esway – vocals (8)
Elisabeth Wedding – vocals (3, 5)



all rights reserved


Eskimo Oakland, California

Learn more at: dropsy.net/eskimo

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Track Name: Wavy Proof
Oh say can you see
Tell me what you can see
By the dawn's early early light
And what so proudly
Can we possible hail
At the twilight's last a-gleaming

And whose broad stripes
And whose bright stars
Just whose broad stripes
And whose bright stars
Over those ramparts that we watch
Are so gallantly streaming

And the blood red rockets
And the terrible glare
Of the bombs bursting in the air
Giving me proof through the long night
That the flag was still there
Yes the flag is definitely there

Oh say does the star spangled banner yet wave
Oer the land of the home of the free and brave
Oh does the star spangled banner yet wave
Over the land of the free
While the rest of us are left to drown
Track Name: Recipe for Disaster
Get on the bus
Get out of the kitchen
Pack your bags
Get out of Dodge
Wash your hands
Drop the ball
Hit the road
Ooh -- punt

(She's a...)
She's a recipe for disaster
(Recipe... watch out)
She's gonna mess you up boy
(Mess you up... bad)

Caught in a trap
In the spider's web
Took the bait
Swallowed the hook
Stuck in the mud
Up to your neck
One foot in the grave
Ooh -- sunk

Now don't say that I didn't warn you boy
Track Name: Sweet Reminiscences of Inertia
The paper umbrella
That floats in my drink
Is purple and yellow and pink
The longer I watch it
The more that I think
It's finally starting to sink
I'm expecting a call from the agency
Any moment now they should be paging me
Or else my future will stink

Sweet reminiscences of inertia

Long ago in a hole in the city of Utica
I was low I was swollen and shitty like Utica
That's Phoenician for all of the restaurants here
Smell exactly like punctured colostomy bags
Everyone stays away -- that's the beauty of Utica
Beautiful Utica
Track Name: Hot Tunnel
Well it was back in the days when boys were boys
Eyes open wide
Under cover of night we'd say our vows
Etched in blood
As the shadows grew long and disappeared
Nowhere to hide
Came the patience to look beyond these walls
Let loose the flood

Take a ride
Hot tunnel
Deep inside
Hot tunnel
Open wide
Let it slide
Hot tunnel

Well it's improper to laugh at a drowning man
Wallow in it
Scrape the smell from your shoes and walk away
Shed no tears
Shoo the flies from the butt of a dead cigar
Watch where you sit
Meet your maker for lunch in Utica
Say your prayers

I don't tempt the hand of fate
Or bite the hand that feeds
Milk the cow of human kindness
Have your cake and eat it too
And swallow with your pride
Milk the cow of human kindness
Gulp the milk of paradise
Cause there's no turning back
Milk the cow of human kindness
Feed your army somewhere else
Where it don't smell so bad
Stop the car
Track Name: Dispatch
Uh, Mrs. Whiggins
Send in the new boy now
And hold my calls

One more delay
I will dock your pay
Lose that beret
What did I just say
No holiday
Leap into the fray
Do not betray

I am at the end of my rope
Are you high on dope
I've lost all confidence and
Now I'm losing hope

Please do convey
Warm regards to Ray
Don't waste the day
Track Name: Bilge
If there's one thing I'm sure of
I'm sure I don't know what it is
If I could walk on water
I'd probably try to take a swim
My head swims in confusion
I know I'm drowning clear as day
If I could see the future
I'd only think of yesterday

The drain in my brain has failed
The train in my brain has derailed

My past is strewn with memories
I can't remember anymore
If I could sing like Elvis
I'd probably still be sweeping floors
Track Name: Hollow
I heard a knock on my head
So I answered
I said who is it come to visit me and
She said you look like you're dead
Is it cancer
I said that's incorrect I'm simply very

And if you pull me apart
By the shoulders
You'll see my kidneys and my liver and you
Will find a hole in my heart
Where my soul was
Before I threw it in the river now I'm
I'm hollow

I watch a lot of TV (Got Milk)
Every evening
I don't know what I'd do without it cause you know
I find that books can be
So deceiving
Just like the easter bunny give it to me

Oh I recommend it to you
And your loved ones
You'll find it easier to be together
You'll take a rosier view
With no substance
Just like me middle free completely
I'm hollow
Track Name: Murder
Come smell the roses
Come taste the pie
It's milk and cookies
And big blue skies
The gates are open
Go greet the day
Climb on your pony
And ride away

La la la la la la
Get happy
La la la la la la
Get happy as a clam

Your future's blooming
Your hands are clean
Beyond your shadow
The grass is green
Why not imagine
That dreams come true
Over the rainbow
Where skies are blue

Take a deep breath, let it half out
Choose carefully


Brace you arm from your spine
Keep your head

Track Name: A Day at the Soul Crushery
No channel on my TV
Telephone won’t talk to me
Psychic friends can’t prophesy
My homogeneity

Stasis to eternity as
I go up the stairs
I go down the stairs
I go up the stairs
I go down the stairs

Killer bees nest in by brains
(Bees in my brains)
Tiny germs digest my veins
(Germs in my veins)
Rats and mice infest my Haines
(Rats in my Haines)
Deputies arrest Claude Rains
(Claude Rains in chains)

Death won’t wrest me from these migraines

Conscience on welfare, faith on the dole
We’ve reached the end of our Grand Guinol
My ass is exiled to the south pole
My idiotic woe to extoll

You can’t fill a sald bowl with
these crushed remnants of my soul